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Our Knox GP doctors genuinely care and will give you the time and attention you deserve.

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Our Knox GP clinic is committed to providing our patients with the best possible healthcare. Our highly trained staff, led by experienced doctors, are here to help you on your journey to better health, with valuable advice and genuine care.

We understand that being sick, injured, or unwell can be a difficult time, and we are here to support you every step of the way so we are dedicated to providing you with personalised, affordable care. Our bulk bill doctor clinic makes it easy to access the healthcare and support you need.


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I had a wonderful appointment with Dr. Chandrika Thangarajah. She is friendly, patient and very responsible. She checked my health comprehensively and gave me very useful suggestions and medical support.



Helping people is my passion. There’s nothing more rewarding than building relationships with patients, witnessing their recovery, and seeing them enjoy life again


More Than Just A Knox General Practitioner Clinic

Knox bulk bill doctors consultation rooms are located in premium health precinct offering essential medical services all in one place.

Our services continue to grow in the areas of testing, diagnostics, day surgery, pharmacy, vaccinations, pain management, injury rehabilitation and allied health.

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  1. Diagnose, Treat or Manage Illness
  2. High Blood Pressure & Heart Disease
  3. Asthma & Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  4. Digestive Issues & Food Intolerances
  5. Flu Shots, Vaccinations & Immunisations
  6. Dermatology, Acne & Skin Conditions
  7. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Cystitis
  8. Pain, Injury, Arthritis & Musculoskeletal Problems
  9. Mental Health, Stress & Sleep
  10. Diabetes Management
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GP & Doctor FAQs


Do general practitioners do everything?2023-04-17T11:34:29+10:00

GPs are able to test, diagnose and treat many conditions or they can refer you to a specialist. It is important to consult with your GP doctor to determine what services you need so they can determine the best course of action for your specific health requirements. GPs are well placed to holistically and objectively consider patient needs and circumstances, and recommend the most appropriate services. General practitioners aim not only to improve health and wellbeing, but to prevent serious medical conditions by facilitating access to high-quality, evidence-based and necessary care.

While they don’t do “everything” general practitioners play a unique and central role in our health system as clinicians and provide a wide range of health services such as:

  • health advice and education
  • prescriptions for medicines
  • health screening for men and women
  • vaccinations and immunisations
  • care for acute and chronic illnesses
  • preventative health care
  • pain management
  • injury rehabilitation
How does Medicare bulk billing work?2024-03-31T17:25:22+10:00

Medicare bulk billing in Australia is when the medical professional accepts the Medicare benefit as full payment for the service provided to a patient. When a patient is bulk billed, Medicare pays the full cost of the medical service directly to the professional and the patient does not need to pay anything out of their own pocket.

Medicare can fund the rebates as the Australian government pays for Medicare through the Medicare levy and Australian taxpayers pay 2% of their taxable income towards the levy. If a doctor doesn’t offer bulk billing or mixed billing, you will have to pay the full service fee; however, you still may be able to receive a Medicare rebate by making a claim.

What do GPs do?2023-04-17T11:36:23+10:00

On your first visit a GP may spend time gathering background information before getting onto your current problem or complaint. This is so they can build a picture of your current state of health, your risk factors and possible future problems. Your GP will tailor your examination according to the current problem. Commonly they check temperature, pulse and blood pressure, perform a visual inspection and conduct a physical test if needed or refer you for further testing.

General practitioners possess a high level diagnostic and therapeutic skills which are necessary for treatment and advice to be tailored to your individual case, circumstances and lifestyle. They seek to improve health, wellbeing and resilience through a continuing patient-doctor relationship, application of best available evidence in the unique context of each consultation.

General practitioners understand that health, illness and disease are uniquely personal experiences, and their principal role is to relieve personal disease and discomfort in a way that is best suited to each individual.

What is bulk billing?2024-03-31T17:27:46+10:00

Bulk billing means you don’t have to pay for your medical service from a health professional. Your doctor bills Medicare directly and accepts the Medicare benefit as full payment for their service. Medicare allows Australians to get free or lower cost medical services from doctors, specialists and other health professionals, hospital treatments and prescription medications.

Instead of paying a fee and seeking a rebate through Medicare, your bulk billing doctor near Bayswater will bill Medicare for your visit directly, leaving you with no out of pocket expenses. It is called bulk billing because the GP practice bills Medicare in ‘bulk’ i.e. a large number of consultation services are billed to Medicare at the same time.

Bulk billing can cover:

  • visits to GPs and specialists that bulk bill
  • tests and scans like x-rays and pathology tests
  • eye tests performed by optometrists
What is the role of a general practitioner?2023-04-17T11:33:08+10:00

A general practitioner plays a central role in the delivery of health care. GPs are doctors who have completed general practice training and are skilled in providing a wide range of medical services. The scope of clinical practice can be challenging and rewarding, spanning prevention, health promotion, early intervention for those at risk, and the management of acute, chronic and complex conditions.

Essentially a general practitioner functions as a physician, counsellor, advocate and agent of change for individuals, families and their communities. Some general practitioners coordinate healthcare and look after patients throughout their entire life. The duties and responsibilities of a GP in Australia can include:

  • diagnosing and treating medical conditions
  • conducting health check ups
  • chronic disease management
  • wound and after surgery care
  • pain and injury management
  • nutrition and health advice
What services do GPs provide?2023-04-17T11:35:39+10:00

GPs are often the first point of contact for someone, of any age, who feels sick or has a health concern. They can help with early intervention, education and prevention of many health concerns and serious medical conditions. An ongoing doctor-patient relationship helps increase patient awareness, understanding and confidence regarding the treatment and management of long term, chronic and complex conditions.

Patients who regularly see the same GP usually have high levels of satisfaction with their care. General practitioners treat a wide range of medical conditions, health issues and general medical services:

  • request and review medical tests and imaging
  • provide medical certificates
  • conduct health checks
  • sexual health services
  • thyroid problems
  • sleep disorders
  • digestive issues, nutrition
  • family planning and contraception
  • women’s and men’s health
  • children’s health
  • refer patients to specialists
Who is eligible for bulk billing?2024-03-31T17:29:12+10:00

All Australian citizens can enrol in Medicare to enjoy bulk billing from our Bayswater GP clinic. You can enrol in Medicare if you live in Australia and are any of the following:

  • Australian permanent residents
  • Applying for permanent residency
  • New Zealand citizen
  • Temporary resident covered by a ministerial order

It is important to note that some medical professionals may choose not to bulk bill certain patients even if they fall into these categories:

  • Health Care Card Holders
  • Pension Card Holders
  • DVA Card Holders
  • Children under 16 years of age
  • Students under 25 years of age with a valid student card
  • Refugees
  • NDIS clients
Why should I go to a general practitioner?2023-03-21T07:49:01+10:00

Your GP should be your first stop for all non-emergency medical problems and there are many reasons why you should go to a general practitioner. If you have a health issue, book an appointment with your GP and they can assess you to decide whether you need to see a specialist, require further testing or give you advice and prescribe medication.

Your GP coordinates your health care. This is critical in mitigating the risk of misdiagnosis or delayed diagnoses, inappropriate or delayed treatment and adverse events resulting in physical or psychological harm. It also enables better follow-up care, facilitated through timely and meaningful communication with other service providers.

Over time a GP will become familiar with your current health and past medical history so they can provide personalised care that is tailored to your specific needs. General practitioners can assist with:

  • illness
  • pain and injury
  • wounds & post surgery
  • acute and chronic disease
  • nutrition & weight management
  • mental health, stress and sleep
  • manage short and long term health conditions

At Knox General Practice & Family Medicine our doctors give you the time you need and attention you deserve to deliver the outcome you desire