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Medical Centre Boronia

Get the time and attention you deserve by knowledgeable doctors who genuinely care at our family owned and operated medical centre near Boronia


bulk bill / medicare

same day appointments

highly experienced doctors

state of the art medical facilities

personalised, affordable health care

Medical Centre Boronia


bulk bill / medicare

same day appointments

highly experienced doctors

state of the art medical facilities

personalised, affordable health care

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Boronia Medical Centre


Our family has been in the medical industry for over 20 years and we understand how terrible it is when you are sick, injured or just don’t feel right.

At Knox GP near Boronia medical centre we work tirelessly to support our patients throughout their journey to better health, with highly trained staff, valuable advice and genuine care.

The GP doctors, nurses and support staff at our bulk bill medical centre near Boronia have many years experience and strive to provide the very best healthcare to you and your family.


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I have seen Dr Becker now for at least 6 visits and have found him very professional and helpful in every aspect



It is very rewarding to go home at the end of the day knowing you have made a real difference in patients lives


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More Than Just Another Medical Centre


Boronia medical centre is located in a premium health precinct offering essential medical services all in one place.

Our services continue to grow in the areas of testing, diagnostics, day surgery, pharmacy, vaccinations, pain management, injury rehabilitation and allied health.

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Bulk Bill Medical Centre Boronia


  1. Diagnose, Treat or Manage Illness
  2. High Blood Pressure & Heart Disease
  3. Asthma & Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  4. Pain, Injury, Arthritis & Musculoskeletal Problems
  5. Dermatology, Acne & Skin Conditions
  6. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Cystitis
  7. Diabetes Management
  8. Digestive Issues & Food Intolerances
  9. Vaccinations & Immunisations
  10. Mental Health, Stress & Sleep
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Medical Centre FAQs


Do you offer bulk billing?2024-03-31T16:19:25+10:00

Around the country, bulk billing rates are rapidly decreasing due to the cost of living crisis. However, at Knox GP, the majority of our Vermont doctors continue to provide bulk billing to their patients for a variety of services.

How does Medicare bulk billing work?2024-03-31T17:25:22+10:00

Medicare bulk billing in Australia is when the medical professional accepts the Medicare benefit as full payment for the service provided to a patient. When a patient is bulk billed, Medicare pays the full cost of the medical service directly to the professional and the patient does not need to pay anything out of their own pocket.

Medicare can fund the rebates as the Australian government pays for Medicare through the Medicare levy and Australian taxpayers pay 2% of their taxable income towards the levy. If a doctor doesn’t offer bulk billing or mixed billing, you will have to pay the full service fee; however, you still may be able to receive a Medicare rebate by making a claim.

Medical centre vs clinic2023-04-17T10:54:26+10:00

Medical Centre

A medical centre is a often a large scale, multi-disciplinary facility that provides a range of health care services to patients. It is a place where people go for general healthcare. They usually offer a host of services, including physicals, check up, prescriptions for medication, specialist referrals, and treatment for pain, minor injury and common illnesses.


A clinic, on the other hand, is usually a place where patients go for a specific problem or condition. For example, if you have a skin condition you will visit a dermatologist or if you foot problems you will go to a podiatrist.

What is bulk billing?2024-03-31T17:27:46+10:00

Bulk billing means you don’t have to pay for your medical service from a health professional. Your doctor bills Medicare directly and accepts the Medicare benefit as full payment for their service. Medicare allows Australians to get free or lower cost medical services from doctors, specialists and other health professionals, hospital treatments and prescription medications.

Instead of paying a fee and seeking a rebate through Medicare, your bulk billing doctor near Bayswater will bill Medicare for your visit directly, leaving you with no out of pocket expenses. It is called bulk billing because the GP practice bills Medicare in ‘bulk’ i.e. a large number of consultation services are billed to Medicare at the same time.

Bulk billing can cover:

  • visits to GPs and specialists that bulk bill
  • tests and scans like x-rays and pathology tests
  • eye tests performed by optometrists
What services do medical centres provide?2024-03-31T17:28:21+10:00

Medical centres provide a variety of services to their patients. They offer primary care, which includes preventive health care, vaccines and prescribed medication, as well as diagnosis of injury, illness and chronic conditions like diabetes, arthritis, heart disease or high blood pressure.

A medical centre can usually help with mental health, stress, sleep, gut health and family planning. Some medical centres like Knox GP offer additional services including pathology, X rays, MRI, lab tests and eye care.

Who is eligible for bulk billing?2024-03-31T17:29:12+10:00

All Australian citizens can enrol in Medicare to enjoy bulk billing from our Bayswater GP clinic. You can enrol in Medicare if you live in Australia and are any of the following:

  • Australian permanent residents
  • Applying for permanent residency
  • New Zealand citizen
  • Temporary resident covered by a ministerial order

It is important to note that some medical professionals may choose not to bulk bill certain patients even if they fall into these categories:

  • Health Care Card Holders
  • Pension Card Holders
  • DVA Card Holders
  • Children under 16 years of age
  • Students under 25 years of age with a valid student card
  • Refugees
  • NDIS clients

At Knox General Practice & Family Medicine our doctors give you the time you need and attention you deserve to deliver the outcome you desire

Boronia Bulk Billing Medical Centre