Your GP should be your first stop for all non-emergency medical problems and there are many reasons why you should go to a general practitioner. If you have a health issue, book an appointment with your GP and they can assess you to decide whether you need to see a specialist, require further testing or give you advice and prescribe medication.

Your GP coordinates your health care. This is critical in mitigating the risk of misdiagnosis or delayed diagnoses, inappropriate or delayed treatment and adverse events resulting in physical or psychological harm. It also enables better follow-up care, facilitated through timely and meaningful communication with other service providers.

Over time a GP will become familiar with your current health and past medical history so they can provide personalised care that is tailored to your specific needs. General practitioners can assist with:

  • illness
  • pain and injury
  • wounds & post surgery
  • acute and chronic disease
  • nutrition & weight management
  • mental health, stress and sleep
  • manage short and long term health conditions